Shower Steamers Intention Collection - 4 packs Skincare Thulisa Naturals Reconnect to Rest

Shower Steamers Intention Collection - 4 packs

made by Thulisa Naturals


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Set your intetions and transform your shower into an aromatic, mindful spa experience with these essential oil blended shower steamers. Choose between four intentions:

1. Inhale Calm, Exhale Stress with scents of grapefruit and mint

2. Choose Calm with scents of cederwood and orange

3. Breathe and Breathe Again with scents of lemongrass and lime

4. Reconnect to Reset with scents of patchouli and lime

Each giftable box contains 4 shower steamers.

Each shower steamer lasts approximately 2 showers.

The clear bags we use to package our shower steamers and fizzy bars are certified compostable.

All our shower steamers are handmade in the USA with love and care, and they are Leaping Bunny certified.