Mama Bath Salts & Essential Oil Roller Set Mini Chill Sacred Matrescence

Mama Bath Salts & Essential Oil Roller Set

made by Sacred Matrescence


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Bath salt & Essential Oil Roller Set, made with Mamas in mind.

How to use:

Pour contents into the large cloth bag and place in the tub or sits bath. Enjoy at any point along the journey of matrescence, leaning on intuition and provided input during pregnancy, breastfeeding and/or immediately postpartum.

May you be warm, held, nourished and nurtured all along this journey.

Made with love by a mama/doula in Colorado


Bath Salts Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, lavender*, comfrey*, pink rose*, calendula*
*organically grown

Essential Oiler Roller Ingredients: organic fractioned coconut oil, lavender essential oil*, ylang ylang, frankincense, Roman chamomile essential oil.