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Frankincense Face Cream

Frankincense Face Cream


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Dewyer Face cream has a Frankincense oil base, which helps with 2 things: to reduce the sight of wrinkles, without being too harsh on drying or cracking & to heal redness! This luscious cream is lightweight, and dreamy. It is designed to create an even color balance and a soft texture, for the complexion you've been craving. 



After wash and toner, make sure face is semi dried to fully dried. Apply a dime-sized amount of cream to face and neck, using a gentle circular motion. Use twice a day for best results.



Following your Dewyer Wash, it is important to hydrate properly. This Dewyer Face Cream has a Frankincense oil base that is light, creamy, and hydrating.

Little to no scent.

Frankincense Oil:  Frankincense is known to improve an even skin-tone, help with suppleness and resilience, and also works against bacteria or acne. 

Other organic Ingredients: Organic Ingredients: • Organic Aloe Vera • Organic Peppermint Leaf • Organic Frankincense Oil • Organic Mugwort