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NYC Knit Blanket

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NEW YORK I love you. This one is for all those who hold New York in their heart, those who call the big Apple home, those who used to call New York home, those who miss New York, and those who are inspired by The city that never sleeps. As tough as it can be to live here - I’m so very proud to be a New Yorker - to have started my company here and gotten through (errrrr getting through) a pandemic … not to mention meeting my number one man and giving birth to my babe all in this magical New York City. What a place I’m so lucky to call home. ❤️ I honestly can’t believe I was able to get a batch of these in… that said there aren’t too many for the season.

Aprox 50"x60", Recycled Cotton/Acrylic with finished knit edge. Machine wash cold on delicate, tumble dry low delicate.

Designed in Brooklyn & Made in the U.S.A.