Bath + Body Oil 50ml Skincare Clary Collection
Bath + Body Oil 50ml Skincare Clary Collection

Bath + Body Oil 50ml

made by Clary Collection


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Full List of Ingredients
- Olive Oil
- Plantain Leaves
- Calendula Flower
- Chamomile Flower
- Lavender Flower
- Rosemary Extract

For Use On:
- Eczema 
- Psoriasis
- Bug Bites
- Sun Damage
- Burns
- Dry Skin
- Stretch Marks
- Pets
- All Ages

Use in place of lotion and massage oil. Add several pumps to a detoxifying, saltwater bath or combine a few pumps with warm water in a pitcher and pour gently over babies and young children after bathing.

Throughout centuries, many cultures have maintained traditions of oil infusion to harness the medicinal qualities of plants and flowers. We explore this craft by slowly infusing cold-pressed Olive Oil with Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, and Plantain. The powerful and calming properties of the flowers and leaves are transferred to the oil, strained and bottled in small batches and will gently soothe even the most sensitive skin.


Women-owned and operated, Clary Collection's entire line of balms and oils are handcrafted in Nashville, TN and are certified Non Toxic by MADE SAFE® to be free of ingredients known to harm human health and ecosystems.